Christmas Conversations

Turning every day situations into conversations with spiritual significance.

Ideas for Everyone

Listen to the Spirit’s Prompting

Evangelism’s highest value is listening to and cooperating with the Holy Spirit.  Keep your eyes open daily for God-ordained opportunities.

Wear your "I Am Second" T-Shirt

Wearing this shirt is a great conversation starter. Wear it during the Christmas season and be ready to share what it means.

I Am Second Christmas

"I Am Second" Website

Share the I Am Second website with a friend. Perhaps you can watch the videos ahead of time so you know which ones to recommend for them.

Send a Christmas E-Card

We will be providing some McKinney Fellowship e-Cards right here very soon! Keep an eye out for them! To get notified (and to join the McFBC text list), send a text to number 40404 that reads: follow McFBC

Ugandan BeadsUganda Bead Necklaces as Gifts

Made by orphans in a village we support through missions, these have special significance: When you give this gift to someone, it will create an opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ as you explain the reason why you are supporting orphans at the Village of Hope Uganda.

Share the Gospel

Share the Good News of the Gospel. Here are some steps that might help you: Life with God


Family/Close Friends

25 Conversation Starters for Christmas

to receive via email a Christmas conversation starter for the day.

Christmas Devotion of the Week

You’ll find a weekly devotion you can do with your family inside the church program on Sundays, Dec. 6-27.

New Family Tradition

Family TraditionCreate greater significance and meaning in your family by creating a new Christmas tradition.

How to start a family tradition
Family Christmas tradition ideas
5 great tradition ideas
5 more great tradition ideas
Check out this book on Creating Family Traditions
Create a tradition of Acts of Kindness (see also Christmas Acts of Kindness at the bottom of this page)

Gifts that are Nonmonetary

Exchange gifts that are very inexpensive, or that don’t come from a store. Pass down a family heirloom or keepsake, for example.

Homemade gift ideas - great for kids to make!
Bible verses related to giving gifts

Gifts with Spiritual Significance

Gifts with spiritual significance can help bring Christ into Christmas. Use them also as conversation starters to share your faith.

Tips for giving spiritually meaningful gifts
Religious gift ideas
Bible verses related to giving gifts
Gift ideas from
Consider giving Uganda Bead Necklaces as Gifts (this idea is posted above)

Jesus birthday cake“Happy Birthday Jesus”

Have a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Day.
For a fun twist - make birthday cookies or cupcakes instead.

Recipe - A three-layer red, green, and brown cake
Recipe - Chocolate cake
Recipe - Heavenly white cake (how appropriate!)
Cake shape and decoration ideas

Nativity Scene

NativityDisplay an indoor (or outdoor) nativity scene and use it as a starting point to tell the story of Christ on Christmas day to all present.

Nativity sets and life-sized Christmas decor
How to arrange a nativity scene
Felt board nativity templates
Create a live nativity outdoors
Costumes for the nativity scene

Celebrate Advent

Celebrate the tradition of Advent by making your own Advent wreath or purchasing a complete kit from a Christian book store.

Advent kit for puchase
How to make and use an Advent wreath
Advent wreath paper craft
Advents Prayers and Scripture Readings
About Advent
How Advent relates to Christmas

Advent Candles

Christ-Centered Christmas Ornament

Make your own or purchase ornaments to give as gifts that can give you an open door to share Christ with your family.

Christian Christmas ornaments for purhcase
Make a hand painted ornament
Clay dough ornament
Cross stitch ornaments
Faux stained glass ornament
Milkwood ornament (holy little village)

Family Nativity Pageant

Create an impromptu rendition of the nativity story at your family gathering. Enlist everyone to play a part and read excerpts from the Bible.

How to stage a family nativity pageant
Nativity costume ideas
Act out the nativity with felt hand puppets
Nativity play script for purchase


Familiar Acquaintances

Christmas Movie Dessert Night

Invite family, friends, and co-workers to watch a Christmas movie and then have a quick impromptu discussion about the movie.

Check out a few of our suggested movies...

The Chronicles of NarniaThe Muppet Christmas CarolThe Nativity StoryPolar ExpressThe NoteThe Ultimate Gift


Recipe - Chocolate souffle - the ultimate movie dessert
Recipe - Ice cream sandwiches
Recipe - Movie theater popcorn (for a dessert-y twist, make it into caramel popcorn)
Recipe - Butter cookies
Recipe - Divinity

Wear your ‘I Am Second’ shirt at parties

Be the light and wear your I Am Second shirt at your office party, friends’ parties, etc. Looking for suggestions on what to say when you are asked about the meaning of your shirt? Good! Because those are coming soon. Right here!

Open House Christmas

When God is the Life of the...Host a breakfast or open house for neighbors and acquaintances. Tight on time?.. try a Midnight Breakfast Party.

Hosting a Christmas open house
Breakfast and brunch recipes
Check out this book on When God is the Life of the Party

Life Group Christmas “E” Party

Why not make an intentional effort to invite people to the party who don’t attend church?

eVite - customize your invitation and organize your guest list and RSVP's

Office Christmas Party

Organize and host a holiday office party (wear your I Am Second shirt!).

Listen to Their Story

Look for those who are depressed and share a word of encouragement in Christ’s name. Listen genuinely and sympathetically to those going through a difficult time during this season.


Social Encounters

“What are you doing for Christmas?”

When you ask this question, it’s an easy way to get a conversation going with someone you rarely see that may lead to talking about Christ.  If they return the question, you will be able to explain what Christmas means to you.

Christ-Centered Christmas E-signature

Add a signature to your e-mail that expresses the true meaning of Christmas. Right-mouse click and Save As to your desktop.

Email Signature

I Am Second ChristmasI Am Second Christmas

I Am Second ChristmasI Am Second Christmas

Top Three  

Make a list of three social contacts that you know. Pray for them daily and think of individual ways to share Christ with them this Christmas.

Christmas Acts of Kindness

Create opportunities to introduce people to Jesus by demonstrating God’s love through acts of service with no strings attached. Here is a list of ideas you can use with anyone you may encounter. Just make sure you tell them that you are doing this in the name of Jesus.

  • Pay the toll for the person behind you. Let them know you did it in the name of Jesus.
  • Pick up the tab for someone at a coffee shop, grocery store, or other place you frequent. Tell the cashier you did it in the name of Jesus.
  • Give a poinsettia to an elderly neighbor, or a perfect stranger as a gift.
  • Give up your place in line to someone behind you.

Christmas acts of kindness from