Year-End Giving

At this special time of year, many of us seek ways to help others. Giving to your church will impact lives and support the cause of Christ as we seek to help people find and follow him.

We will provide a record of your giving for tax purposes, but to be included in your 2014 giving statement, year-end contributions must be included in the offering no later than Sunday, Dec. 28 or given online or mailed to the church no later than Dec. 31 (i.e. postmarked).

You may want to consider donating appreciated assets like stocks for the tax benefits. Every dollar given is used prayerfully. Thank you for your generous giving to the cause of Christ. If you have any questions, contact Shane Griggs at or 972.547.7089.

Recurring Contributions

The online recurring contributions function is a great way to practice faithful giving. Many people who use this capability set their giving to expire at year-end. If that is the case for you, we want to offer this friendly reminder to set up a new recurring contribution for 2015. Thanks for your ongoing support of the ministries of Christ Fellowship.

Christ Fellowship Financial Information

When it comes to your church's finances, we believe in being completely transparent.

The Bible says to be "totally accountable and above reproach." While all money is God’s money, we view money that comes into the church through faithful donations of our church family with higher regard because it was given specifically to support the cause of Christ. Christ Fellowship elders, staff and ministry leaders strive to be good stewards with all that God has entrusted us. 

Our goal is high integrity and accountability in how we handle God’s money to facilitate our mission of people helping people find and follow Christ. This reflects our heart of being all about Jesus.

General Ministry Fund
Giving Year-To-Date  Week 23 of 52
Projected Actual Variance
$ 1,641,192 $ 1,566,147 ($ 75,045)
Operating Fund Summary: July - November 2014
  Projected Actual Variance
Giving/Income $ 1,576,109 $ 1,473,120 ($ 102,989)
Expenses $ 1,649,686 $ 1,614,780 $ 34,906
Over/(Under) ($ 73,577) ($ 141,660) ($ 68,083)


We’ve developed comprehensive policies and processes, which include defined spending authority; requiring two signatures for checks; keeping an extensive chart of accounts that helps us manage spending and cash flow; creating a detailed operating budget each year; an annual external audit; producing monthly financial reports and three quarterly financial health reports each year; and tracking certain metrics, such as attendance and giving per attendee, to help in planning and measuring effectiveness to the extent it can be measured.

We want to be accountable to our church family and a watching world, so we are open with all financial information. When reviewing church financial information, it’s probably best to be somewhat familiar with the first two documents below – these will give context for our financial practices which are reflected in the other documents.

If you have questions regarding any church financial information, please contact Steve Chappell at

Financial Principles and Policies
Financial Policy and Procedures
Budget Adjustment Process
Handling Money/Valuables in Business/Finance Office
Approval Policy for Committing Church Funds
Contribution Statements at Christ Fellowship
2014-15 Operating Budget
Monthly Financial Summary (most recent)
Church Financial Health Report (most recent)
External Audit Report (most recent)

Get our Financial Reports emailed to you

Weekly Attendance and Giving Report – Sunday’s giving, attendance and number of guests each week. This report is typically emailed out on Thursdays.
 to receive the weekly attendance and giving report

Monthly Finance Report – The financial report is typically emailed out on the 15th day of the month.
 to receive the monthly financial report

Quarterly Financial Health and Quarterly Metrics – Detailed financial report and numerical goals and actuals from the previous quarter is typically emailed out by the 25th day of the new quarter (Apr, July, Oct, Jan).
 to receive the quarterly financial health report
 to receive the quarterly metrics report